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The Online Presence Consulting Involves

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Have Your Own Independent Online Consultant

I Amplify Your Online Presence

You’re a pro at running your business but need help navigating the online marketing maze. Imagine having someone on your team who can help you maximize your marketing efforts.

At Design by Miracle, as your Online Consultant based in Honolulu, I analyze businesses’ needs, challenges, and goals to understand the context of their online presence so they operate more efficiently and therefore, profitably.

I specialize in developing, implementing, and monitoring a business’s online presence so you don’t have to hire a full-time employee.

Contact me today and have your online presence evaluated.

I offer online consulting services designed to realign your strategies and boost your business growth. I review, analyze, and realign your online efforts, bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be without the need to hire a permanent employee.

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How Design By Miracle Can Help you?

Marketing Goals

Develop Goals

Create personalized online marketing goals.

Design By Miracle

Represent You

Be your liaison with internal or external marketing agencies and teams.

Design By Miracle

Tips and Tricks of Marketing

Translate marketing jargon into meaningful actions for your business.

Design By Miracle

Manage and Explain Your Results

Bring clarity and understanding to the results you’re getting with your Online Presence.

Aloha, I’m Karishma,

An Online Consultant

Years of experience have shown me that many businesses make mistakes online because they need help understanding or knowing how their online presence works.

Once you have the correct information and understanding, making decisions for your online presence becomes easier.

That’s why I have dedicated my services to assisting businesses in getting the right information to make the right decision. For example, I can customize your website to match your brand, create professional designs, work with your current digital marketing team and answer all your online-related questions to help you know what is working and what is not.

As your Online Consultant, I’m an extension of your team. I give my clients the benefits of having specific oversight of their online presence without hiring a permanent or full-time employee.

I have helped many businesses understand the basics of online marketing and share plans and goals that have improved how they present their business online, gaining trust and better sales.

“Working with Karishma has been very easy. She delivers creative ideas, listens and understands the needs of her clients. We are very pleased with the service and products from Design By Miracle. Everything was presented and done in a timely manner. True five-star service!”

Tom Pieper –

What Skills Can I Provide?

Digital Marketing


Digital marketing involves promoting a brand through digital channels like social media, search engines, emails, and websites. I create digital marketing strategies and review ROI metrics to ensure your digital marketing goals are met.

Client Facing


Client facing refers to activities and materials that are designed to engage with clients. I use client facing by creating advertisements and managing your distribution, creating branded documents and websites, and setting up email programs.

Project Management


Project management is the process of overseeing a project from start to finish. I use project management to ensure you projects are completed successfully.

Digital Strategy


Digital strategy is a plan of action that helps businesses reach their goals through digital channels. I use digital strategy to increase conversions and lead generation.

Media Management


Media management involves organizing and supervising the distribution of content through various media channels. I use media management by researching and implementing social media management platforms, handling advertising campaigns, and improving visibility through website and social media management.

User Experience


User experience refers to the process of creating products that are intuitive and easy to use. I use user experience in various ways, such as communicating expectations, testing priorities, and building website design.

Email Marketing


Email marketing involves using email to send messages to potential customers and existing customers. I use email marketing in various ways, such as managing marketing strategies, responding to inquiries, and designing HTML emails.

Content Strategy


Content strategy is a plan for creating and distributing content across various channels. I use content strategy to develop a website’s architecture and improve its visibility.

Digital Channels


Digital channels are online platforms and tools used for communication and marketing. I use digital channels to optimize websites, manage content, and grow your businesses.



Communication is the way information is shared and understood. I monitor the progress of your online presence and communicate effectively with you and your teams

Get Started With Your Free Online Audit

Book A Call

I love working with businesses here in Hawaii.

Fill in my booking form, and let’s make a time to meet up in person- at your office or support local and enjoy one of our fantastic local cafes. Before our meeting, I’ll look at your current online presence (website, online marketing plans and branding), tell you if it aligns with your business identity, and identify what’s working and not.

Design By Miracle
Design By Miracle

Get Your Online Audit Results

At our meeting, we’ll discuss your current situation and what you want your marketing to achieve. I’ll present your audit results and recommendations to help you understand what’s happening and amplify your results to meet your goals.

Amplify Your Online Presence

Now you’ve got the recommendations, and I can help you put them into action with a plan tailored to your needs and goals. So you can get back to running your business, confident that your online presence is working as hard as you do.

Working on Design Layout

Contact me today and have your website evaluated and see if you need an online consultant for your business.

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Custom Design Samples

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The Core Values Driving Design By Miracle


I believe that every business, no matter its size, deserves to make the most of its digital presence.

I’m here to ensure your brand and marketing align in a way that matches your dedication and passion.


Transparency is my touchstone.

I promise to keep you informed whether things are soaring or need a little tweak.


Your growth is my success.

I’m not just here to provide a service but to be your partner in amplifying your message, getting more leads and growing your sales.

Three Steps To

Amplifying Your Online Presence
And Driving More Sales

Step 1:


Sign up for an extensive, detailed free discovery meeting and online presence audit.

Step 2:


Get clear, personalized basic recommendations that help you amplify your online presence.

Step 3:


Retain my services as a project-based package or hours per month as your online consultant.