Making a professional image by creating an image makeover is one technique designers use. As a graphic designer, I enjoy doing a lot of image makeovers. It takes a photo and gives it a new look by changing backgrounds and special effects. The possibility is endless. The beauty of this is that I can provide the image with any look I want. It’s like painting on a canvas but with the help of technology. You can see this everywhere you go.

All those advertisements, flyers, banners, or ads have image makeovers done to them. This gives the image a unique first expression, attracting the consumer into knowing or buying that product and service. It is a widespread practice among designers and critical to ensuring the product attracts customers’ attention.

My latest image makeover was a piece of cake. I took the cake, placed it on a plate with raspberry, and added a background to give it a comfortable feel. Then, with some light effects and contrast, I gave the cake a brighter look, making the cream and fruits pop up and shine, making the cake look appetizing and delicious to eat. Now the cake has a whole new look.

Design By Miracle
Image Makeover

This shows how we can take any image and make it look creative and appealing to the viewers as graphic designers.

By doing image makeovers, designers can make a product look professional and attractive. So next time you look at an image or a picture of a product, admire the image makeover that the designer has created to make it look attractive to the consumer. Image makeover has become more manageable now with the help of technology. That is why you want to advertise your product and make it attractive, don’t forget that graphic designers can do image makeovers.


Graphic Design is essential to businesses. Professionally created designs help make a good impression on the customers. Many of them become loyal customers later. But, the first impression a graphic design makes on viewers is significant in building trust and professionalism towards business.

Whether it’s in print or online presence, from business cards to billboards, logos, packaging design, flyers, and much more, Design By Miracle stands ready to meet your graphic design needs. We appreciate the importance of great graphic design and are passionate about making you look good. Therefore, we will consult with you to get an authentic feel of your needs before we begin the task of turning your idea into an image that you’ll love.